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Community Medicine: Moon Lodge Women's Womb Healing

“Each woman holds the loving creative power of the womb to create and manifest, as the womb connects to the cosmic womb from which all creation springs.” - Kim Gutteridge

During the time of our ancestors, the women of the community would retreat together during their menstruation to honor their cyclical nature and gather for a Moon Lodge. This Moon Lodge provided a forum for the women to discuss community issues, as well as served as a refuge for healing and spiritual nourishment.

Come join us for this special Moon Lodge where we will focus on the healing and nourishment of our womb, the portal to our creative power and connection to our matrilineal ancestry. Experience a community womb healing circle, sound healing and toning by Janelle, while Cristine provides heart and womb anointing with reiki healing.

Though men can also receive this rite, we respectfully request that only womxn RSVP for this special community medicine event.

Please wear a comfortable loose skirt, bring a journal, and photos of your mother or grandmother for the communal altar.


WHERE: NATIVE FIELDS 18750 Amar Rd Walnut Ca 91788