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Intuitive Eating with Mayuko Okai

Do you struggle with your body image, constantly comparing your body to others and wishing for that perfect figure? Are you frustrated with yourself for not being able to sustain a diet or a healthy weight? Are you ready to get started on this journey to heal from within?

Negative body image is a huge problem and much too prevalent in our society today. We are drowning in external messages that we often fail to seek answers within. This is not another diet but a method to appreciate your body and eat with a healthy mindset.

What if you could take a step back and learn to get back in touch with your mind and body so that you can live in harmony in your skin and become that confident version of you.

Shift your focus on self-care and reconnect with your body so that you will be empowered to make peace with food and begin your journey in normalizing your weight. 

The experiential & intimate classes include lecture, guided eating & writing exercises, group discussion, accessible movement, and meditation.