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Core Energetics Community Event - The Wisdom of your feelings


The Wisdom of Your Feelings


Connect with feelings in your own body to reveal a wellspring of wisdom in this experiential introduction to Core Energetics, a powerful and profound way of integrating mind, body, spirit, and feelings.


Do you ever feel that there’s more to your own life and existence than you’re tapping into? Have you had glimpses of your gifts but have no idea how to bring them more consistently into the light of day, let alone contribute them in a meaningful way for the greater whole? Have you ever gotten stuck in the whirlwind of your head, the “should’s,” others’ expectations, your to do list, or trying to “figure things out”?


What if you could live more from a full-bodied yes? What if you were able to contribute your gifts in a way that is meaningful for both you and those you work or live with? What if you had intimacy with the resistance that gets in the way and could effectively engage it? What if you had simple and clear knowing about what is right for you, and could also say cleanly say “no thank you” to what isn’t?


With this Core Energetics community event, your facilitator Jennifer Huang looks forward to supporting you where you are right now in your own process of personal transformation and helping you to grow your relationship with your own north star, the exquisite Core of who you are. Jennifer also offers 1:1 Core Energetics sessions at Jupiter Soundscape.




Bring yourself, a friend, curiosity, openness, and if you desire, a topic that you are facing out in real life that you would love some support in exploring.


Dress comfortably for movement and bring water. [Also, bring something to sit on, such as a cushion or yoga mat.]




  • Movement

  • Inquiry

  • Self-awareness

  • Expressive work (through our voices and bodies)

  • Paired and group exercises

  • Engagement of the shadow (called the Lower Self in Core Energetics) if it shows up

  • Release of old stories and emotions

  • Feelings

  • Vulnerability (and the strength it offers)

  • New possibilities

  • Creative flow

  • Joy

  • Love

  • Connection

  • Deeper levels of self-love and self-acceptance