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In these times of transformation we are required to go into places in ourselves more deeply. Through this journey you may begin to feel sensitivities to the negative energies around you and stemming from others, whether on this plane or others.

In this workshop you will learn what a psychic attack looks like and methods on how to protect yourself from it, ranging from strengthening your auric field, to clearing with crystals and smudge sticks, the transmutation of negative energy, severing etheric cords and the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram as taught in the Western Mystery Tradition.

$55 includes the workshop, print outs, and crystal and smoke clearing kit.

RSVP now - only 20 spots available.

Go Inward Long Beach

5280 East 2nd Street, (Back Loft Entrance), Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 588-9338