Our Teachers and Healers

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Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat

Janelle C Hethcoat, is a Los Angeles based master holographic sound healer, akashic records reader, Sekhem Khrem energy healer and practitioner of intuitive and magical arts.⠀

Janelle began her esoteric and magical studies with Master Teacher and lineage holder to the original hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, Naha Armady in 2014 at the school of 22 teachings.⠀

She received her first certification as a sound healer in 2017 and her sound healing master degree from visionary and teacher Dr. Paul Hubbert in 2019. In 2018 she received her certification as a level 1 akashic reader and her advanced certification as an akashic reader⠀and multidimensional healer in 2019 with Houiea Love.⠀She received her Sekhem Khrem level I initiation in early 2019 with Reiki and Sekhem Khrem master, Jaclyn Kalkhurst.

Janelle has worked with a multitude of individuals on their path to conscious awakening on a private and group level. ⠀

Janelle was the initial channel for The Atlantean Light Expansion Technique TM and is the founder of Jupiter Soundscape. 


Antoinette Contreras Patel

My name is Antoinette.
I am a spiritual medium and shamanic healer. As a child I was always aware of spirits being around me. At the age of 4, I had a cousin that passed away from leukemia. While at his wake I saw him running around and playing with the other kids as if he were alive and well. I was so young at the time that I thought that it was just my imagination and brushed it away. Over the years I've had various experiences with spirits, but I didn't really understand what was happening, so I shut it down for awhile.

I hadn't thought about my gifts in a long time. Life moved on, I got married, and decided to start a family. One day when I was pregnant with my first child, a spirit in actual physical form visited me at my bedside. It was after this experience, that set me off on a journey to find out why I was able to see and communicate with spirits.

Digging into my family history, I discovered that my spiritual gifts came from both sides of my family. My great grandmother and various aunts on my mothers side were also able to communicatee with spirits. On my father's side I found out that my great grandfather had been a Shaman in the Philippines. Having finally found the answers to why I had these unique abilities, I decided to seek formalized training and mentor with some of the best spiritual mediums and energy healers in the state.

In addition to honing my skills for evidential mediumship, I was also naturally drawn to energy healing which I started working on with cancer patients. I believe that God gave me these gifts for a reason, and that reason is to help people achieve their fullest potential and rise to their highest good.

My practice today is dedicated to helping others develop their own spiritual connection or heal from whatever challenges they may be experiencing. Using my gifts to provide people the guidance they need to fulfill their spiritual destiny leads to greater health and healing. A healing that I myself received in my journey to manifest my own happiness without fear or doubt. I wish all of you light, love, health and positivity.

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Trisha Perez Sandoval

Trisha Perez has always had a sense of her intuitive abilities when a youngster and has always had a love for sound through singing, music, and dance. When she was 20, Trisha lost her beloved grandmother when her gifts of senses spiked. She started to really observe energies and auric fields and began dabbling in the different tools and techniques available at the time.

In 2017, Trisha experienced another traumatic life event - the stillbirth of her firstborn child - that made her gifts heighten even more, and the invitation to the healing arts was undeniable. Through her own healing experience with sound, movement, meditation, and other modalities, she was called to fully pursue the practice to help heal others.

Trisha is a certified sound healer using crystal sound bowls, tuning forks, and vocalization, as well as as a reiki level 1 + 2 energy healer, empath, and synesthetic.

She gives thanks to the universal light source for this rekindling and looks forward to connecting with others to help along their journeys towards a life of wellness, love, and light.


Lisas Nhan

Lisas Nhan is a certified Yoga Teacher and the owner & founder of @NhanPharm, a womxn-owned CBD company based out of Orange County .:. 200hr Certified in Power Yoga || 100+hr CE in Yoga Sculpt & Ganja Yoga. Lisas views yoga as the healer inside all of us, and the yoga practice as a tool forawakening our inner G. Her self-loving journey towards her becoming of full-knowing and highest power are the reasons why Lisas fell in love with yoga as it heals her mind and body on a soul level, a little more each time she returns to her practice. Lisas highly enjoys the physical asanas and practices mostly heart openers; however, yoga is not about bending over backwards or perfecting those asanas. Rather the real magick of yoga is self-exploration within the mind and body through pranayama & intentional movements. Her healing journey taught her to be patient with herself, appreciate the magnitude her body can achieve, and embrace her light & her shadow as she grew accustomed with tuning inward & connecting with her inner G. Because who we are on-the-mat carries over to who we are off-the-mat, healing is a lifestyle. From her own experience & open-hearted perspective, Lisas offers her guidance and support to help others find the healer within themselves & to fully embrace their highest source of power, their inner G.

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Phyllis Douglass

Phyllis Douglass aka Vox Angelus is a Medicine Woman. Her profound connection with the Angels allows God to work as and through her to accomplish what she is meant to do within this lifetime. Her true path and purpose is to share Her personal journey, and teach others how to embrace the true essence of who they are and to facilitate wholeness, through the use of Alternative Healing methods and spiritual encounters with Source.

Through her work with the Angels, she offers transmissions and activations through prescriptive music encoded with specific light frequencies, codes, and sacred geometry for healing and transfiguration, inscribed Angel Sigils, and personalized Soul Alchemy Songs. She has also solely been given the ability to access and read ones SACRED LIGHT SCROLL, which is the contractual agreement of your Soul with God, which creates your Divine Blueprint or life plan. The sacred act of reading your Light Scroll reiterates your true path and purpose for this lifetime on a Soul level - bringing you into divine alignment, and guiding you to the next step on your journey.

In 2007 she was guided to receive the AKA DUA, a Quantum Healing and Consciousness Technology, from her present teacher and benefactor, Koyote the Blind. It is a full system of initiation bringing you into union with the consciousness of God - a magical force used for ones spiritual progression, self healing, and positively impacting the lives of others. That is when her accelerated spiritual journey truly began, and she eventually stepped fully onto the path as a seeker of Toltec Wisdom and Knowledge.


J Sandoval Gomez


Magaly Torres


Lindsey Duffek

Lindsey Duffek is a certified breath work practitioner In her classes you will experience your power – through a guided 2-Stage Pranayama class you will master your emotions, release stress and blocks, and reset your central nervous system. While connecting to your highest self for deep healing. It is a deeply meditative and healing experience, acting as a bridge between body, mind, & spirit. What you might experience: Deep healing of wounds, Spontaneous clarity, connection, and consciousness, Release resistance, stress, & struggle, Transform negative thoughts, habits, and emotions, Awaken the truth of who you really are, Unconditional self-love and more loving relationships, Release of toxins from the body, Relief from physical tension, aches, and pain, Overwhelming feelings of joy, freedom, and peace.


Noilyn Mendoza

Noilyn Mendoza is a certified holistic health + life coach and Reiki practitioner that supports new mamas and women of color nonprofit leaders to move from overwhelmed and burnout martyrs to embracing their wholly RADIANT self. She knows firsthand how depletion and disconnection happen as a cost to constantly putting others’ needs before your own and letting self-care go by the wayside. After 18 years in the public sector field fighting for healthcare access for Asian Americans in NYC and nationally, Noilyn now provides transformative coaching for women to create and manifest a dynamic vision for their lives. Her coaching interests include holistic life vision, burnout prevention for nonprofit leaders, career transitions + transformational leadership, intergenerational wisdom + resilience, decolonizing wellness through reconnection to ancestral healing, maternal mental health + postpartum support, body awareness + energy healing. She also offers energy healing sessions through Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes overall well-being. Noilyn holds a master degree in public health from Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, certifications in health and life coaching from the Health Coach Institute, trained in Usui/Holy Fire® II Reiki I & II. She and her family split their time between Southern California and NYC enjoying the beaches and sun of LA with the grit, energy, and diversity of the Big Apple.


Carol Corpuz

Carol Corpuz first began exploring yoga seeking a more balanced lifestyle while also healing a severe back-related injury. She ultimately gravitated towards sharing the benefits of yoga as an organic development of her dedicated personal practice. She is an experienced alignment-based Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, and meditation instructor kindly teaching around greater Los Angeles since 2013, all in true effort to support ones mindfulness in breath, movement and stillness in this sacred world.


Jennifer Huang

Jennifer Huang started her journey of self-discovery in 2002, when she backed away from a career in entertainment finance and an offer from a top MBA program to follow a road less traveled. Raised in a family where self-expression was frowned upon, it was by going deep into her full emotional expression that allowed her to tap into her life purpose, joy, and deep acceptance of herself and her ancestry. In addition to Core Energetics (a Western lineage), she is also fascinated by living somatic traditions and philosophies from the East, and is blessed to grow her study and practice with gifted teacher-practitioners from both Eastern and Western perspectives.


Jashmine Corpuz

Jashmine Corpuz is a healer, light worker, and Ashtanga practitioner. Her journey began by perfecting her craft as a pastry chef. A natural alchemist, she worked in various fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles. Her spiritual path began upon having vivid dreams and visions. She began to practice Ashtanga Yoga in 2013 which allowed her intuitive gifts to flourish and strengthen. She has studied Hermetic Qabbalah with Naha Armady of @22teachings as well as Shamanic Healing with Nabeel Redwood. In 2016 she studied with Saraswati Jois in Mysore at KPJAYI school of Ashtanga Yoga. In 2018 she attended a Vipassana Meditation course created by the late S.N. Goenka in Kathmandu, Nepal as well as the Himalayan Ashtanga Yoga Yatra led by Sharath Jois. Jashmine’s goal is to help others heal through self love awareness. Using her intuitive gifts, she can assist you by tuning into the frequency of your higher self. Jashmine strongly believes in empowering others through the process of healing and self realization.


Linda Ong

Linda Ong is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Registered Nurse helping the terminally ill through the final stages of their journey. She became a certified Reiki Master to find complimentary ways to help patients and families heal. Linda’s continued desire to help others with spiritual healing led her to become a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She believes that ALL should have the opportunity to learn and practice these ancient healing modalities to reach their highest self. Allow Linda to guide you in finding and developing your inner light though yoga, meditation, and the healing sounds of Alchemy Crystal Sound Bowls.


Mayuko Okai

At a young age, Mayuko sensed her purpose was to help others find good health and happiness. She became a Registered Dietitian to serve others, but her role didn't feel valuable or reflective of her calling. Mayuko found that listening to patients and connecting to them on an emotional level was much more appreciated than nutrition education. This stuck with her for the years to come as she stayed in healthcare, still lost in her path. 

 Mayuko struggled feeling out of place for many years, until she found yoga. When she decided to deepen her yoga practice and took up teacher training, everything shifted. Through the teachings of yoga philosophy, Mayuko faced her higher truth and decided to take her path into her own hands. In 2017 she left healthcare and allowed her intuition to guide her. 

Mayuko teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga and now practices Ashtanga Yoga. Mayuko is also a wellness coach specializing in Intuitive Eating and infuses yoga philosophy in her teachings.



Becca Davis

Becca Davis is a Certified Esalen Massage Therapist. Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor YTT 500 hours, Ritual Breathwork Practitioner, and Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation Facilitator. She believes that the healing process brings awareness to the conscious mind, body,and soul. She is inspired to share her knowledge and serve others on their path to inspire awakening from cultural conditioning, and to bring about deep systemic shifts in the lives of all who dare dream.


Jiwan Dev Kaur (Ramona Soriano)

Ramona Soriano aka Jiwan Dev Kaur is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Humanology Blessed with the gift of navigating through the complex with grace, compassion, and playfulness, Jiwan Dev was told by many spiritual leaders since childhood that she will one day become a healer. She found kundalini yoga in 2003 at Golden Bridge in Hollywood, and finally stepped into her calling and completed the KRI 200-hour teacher training at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York under the guidance of Gurmukh and Gurushabd in 2016. She is also a Certified Reiki 1 and 2 Healer, Holographic Sound Healer, 1 and 2. Jiwan Dev aspires to empower her students to find their inner guru with a strong belief that we’re all capable of living a life of purpose, and brings healing through kundalini yoga, meditation, and energy healing.


Cristine Navarro

Cristine is an intuitive Tarot reader, Crystal Reader, Holographic Sound, Reiki practitioner and licensed RN. Her spiritual path began when faced with burnout associated with being a bedside nurse, launching her into a transformative journey of healing and exploration of her metaphysical practices. She guides her healing sessions with transparency, the radical revealing of one’s true inner self, and integration, the loving acceptance and invitation in of one’s shadows to promote energetic wellness.

Sarah Gonzalez


Mackenna Marks

Mackenna has been in practice for psychic/intuitive readings for years. She is a claircognizant empath, which means she has a deep inner knowing and understanding regarding details of your situation. Mackenna is able to use her gifts along with her Lenormand tarot deck and oracle cards to tap into the energy of your particular situation, the energy and feelings feelings of all individuals involved, & receive messages from the divine to help guide you with your journey here on Earth. Mackenna is an incredibly sensitive and empathetic person, and she is extremely passionate about connecting with spirit to give you the necessary messages that will provide you with the clarity, guidance, and answers you seek.

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Maria Fernandez

Maria is an Orange County native specializing in channeling, multidimensional healing, ceremonial work, intuitive coaching and development, candle magick, and meditation. In addition, she also teaches courses that help individuals reach their potential through activation, healing, and guided exercises that focus on developing a daily practice. When Maria was four, she had many encounters involving the spirit world. As she grew older and experienced the phenomenon more frequently, she decided to pursue metaphysics to better understand her gifts. During this process, she began to heal her own traumas and wanted to help others do the same. Through channeling, she can pull medicine from multiple lifetimes to help those in need to heal. She uses light codes passed onto her from her guides to activate DNA and help individuals rebuild from lifetimes of trauma.