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Join us on our soft opening day as we bless and open our new space.

We invite you to experience everything Jupiter Soundscape has to offer, from movement, music, meditation and medicine.

11:11 AM

We will begin our opening with ancestral blessings, offerings and spacial cleansing. Please feel free to bring round fruits, flowers, coins, pictures of your ancestors, blessed objects to bring good energy to our new healing space.

After the spacial blessing we will gather for our first movement class in the space, unveiling our signature movement modality named The Atlantean Light Expansion Technique. A Movement technique channeled through us that works in bringing elemental balance through the 5 esoteric elements of fire, water, earth, air and spirit.

This opening class will use the WATER movements of The Atlantean Light Expansion to purify our space, our intentions and our egos. and will close with channeled crystal bowl, and vocal toned soundbath as well as shamanic energy healing by our owners, Janelle C Hethcoat, Trisha Perez Sandoval and Antoinette Contreras Patel.


After the opening class, stay or arrive later at 1:11 PM for some bites and sips, to browse our beautiful crystal and metaphysical shop, and meet and greet our teachers and healers. A few of our healers will be offering one on one 30 min treatments for a super fun healers bazaar! First come first serve sign ups!

Janelle C Hethcoat - Akashic Sekhem Sound Healing

Jashmine Corpuz - Tarot Cards

Mackenna Marks - Le Normand Cards

Cristine Navarro - Crystal Readings

Phyllis Douglas - Soul Alchemy Symbol Mediumship

Rebecca Davis - Tuning Forks and Reiki Healing

Ramona Soriano - Reiki Healing

Lindsey Duffek - Breathwork Healing

Mayuko Okai - Reiki Healing

J Sandoval Gomez - Channeled Energy Readings

$22 Treatments are from 2:22pm - 4:30pm

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Join us for our final blessing on our opening day. Sacred Cacao and Fire Movement with Temple of Naacal (Jiwan Dev Kaur, Janelle C Hethcoat, Joy Frequency, J Sandoval Gomez).

Expand your heart consciousness as we gather for this cacao ceremony. We are shown strength and beauty in totality through ceremonial grade cacao the spectrum of love. The cacao works to open up your heart center, having you connect deeply with your emotions, leaving you in abundance and gratitude. ⠀

Through the FIRE movements of The Atlantean Light Expansion we consecrate our space and our selves. Through ritual and intentional integration of the cacao medicine, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and a cosmically channeled sound bath infused with aromatherapy and tuning forks, you’ll be guided to connect deeper with sense of self, and heart’s purpose.

Prepare for the ceremony by:⁣⁣ ⠀

-Abstaining from caffeine 6 hours before.⁣⁣ ⠀
-No alcohol or mind altering stimulants. ⁣⁣ ⠀
-Drink plenty of water throughout the day.⁣⁣ ⠀
-Eat a light nourishing meal 2 hours before.⁣⁣ ⠀

Bring with you:⁣⁣ ⠀

-An intention. Actively think about how you’d like to benefit from this ceremony.⁣⁣ ⠀
-Journal.⁣⁣ ⠀
-Come wearing comfy clothes. ⁣⁣ ⠀
-Crystals or items you’d like to charge during the sound bath to be placed on an altar. ⁣⁣⠀


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Sound is the Medicine of the Future - Edgar Cayce

Jupiter Soundscape LLC (JUPITER SOUNDSCAPE) exists as a minority-owned, women-run company aiming to create a destination where people can come to realize their inherent wholeness through the four pillars of our brand culture: Movement, Meditation, Music and Medicine, a combination of ancient and modern healing modalities unique to our space. Through the use of Atlantean Light Expansion ™, a channeled modality which incorporates the elements of energy clearing, grounding, body work, creative expressive movement, and vibrational medicine, we forward our goal to awakening our community to their higher selves, in infinite light and unity.⠀

Jupiter Soundscape exists as a vibrational healing space which focuses on bringing elemental balance throughout the physical and energetic bodies. There are 5 sets of unique movements corresponding to the esoteric elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit in the Atlantean Light Expansion technique.⠀

All classes apply the four pillars of our brand. Movement. Meditation. Music and Medicine.