Sekhem Akashic Sound Medicine 30 min $75 / 60 min $150 - With Janelle C Hethcoat

Sekhem Khrem is an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of ancient Egypt. It is an all knowing state of consciousness. Sekhem is believed to be the original foundational energetic system that gave birth to other similar forms of energy healing such as Reiki and Seichim. Channeling the source energies from Sirius, Orion and the Lemurian star systems Sekhem energy is believed to be the same energies that allowed the civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt to rise to their peaks of technology. Janelle channels this energy to clear, optimize and reprogram in the core channel of energy present in our physical and energetic bodies. This session includes an akashic reading, hands on energy healing and crystal vocal soundbath. This session is great for removals and cord cutting.

Crystal Vibrational Reiki 60 min $125 - With Trisha Perez

In this session Trisha uses reiki light, crystalline energy and tuning forks in this healing session. Reiki is healing technique that channels energy into the client by means of gentle touch, hovering or by distance to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. While treatments will be tailored to the client’s needs, general benefits include deep relaxation, help coping with difficulties and relieving stress. Activated tuning forks help balance and regulate the metabolism of all the organs, create deep relaxation or stimulation and can be used very effectively in the bio-energetic fields around the body.

Intuituve Energy Healing 60 min $111 - With Phyllis Douglass

Intuitive Energy Healing is about bringing you back into a state of flow, creating space and a level of balance, where the body is innately able to heal itself! Sessions are focused upon clearing stagnant and blocked energy, releasing or altering negative or nonconducive energy patterns, thought forms, and attachments, and stabilizing energetic systems within the body. Each session is a personalized and specific process for each client based on ones energetic patterns, thoughts, frequencies and beliefs, the specifc challenges one is experiencing, and the desired outcome of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing meant for you in the moment. Healing is an individualized and cocreative process. Phyllis is a practicing Medicine Woman and Intuitive Energy Healer who uses the AKA DUA - a quantum energetic force and technology for healing and consciousness, gifted intuition, and profound level of communication with Source and her nonphysical Guides, to positively impact the lives of self and others.

John F Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy 60 min $95 - With Phyllis Douglass

Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) helps reduce or eliminate pain and increase physical mobility. It is an advanced manual therapy that incorporate a variety of fascial lengthening techniques, most often consisting of slow, sustained compression combined with a specific method of stretching to release fascial restrictions, and optimize your body’s structural alignment. Techniques include Myofascial Release, Myofascial Unwinding, Myofascial Rebounding, and CranioSacral Therapy as taught by John F. Barnes. Treatments may include take-home movement re-education and functional movement exercises and stretching. More in-depth information regarding the Myofascial Release Approach. Sessions are personalized to relieve chronic pain from trauma, repetitive stress injury, poor posture, scar tissue, inflammatory responses and relief from stressful holding patterns. Treatment plans may include take-home mobility exercises and stretches. Appropriate session attire includes gym shorts, sports bras, tank tops, two-piece swim suits, and swim trunks. Phyllis is an Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist, and trained directly with John F. Barnes in Sedona, AZ.

Reiki Flower Essence Healing 60 min $155 - With Cristine Navarro

Cristine’s attunement to the Usui and Tera Mai Seichem Reiki lineages provides a holistic and unique approach to her reiki healing sessions. During a reiki treatment, Cristine will intuitively assess and treat any physical, emotional, or energetic imbalances or deficits in the client’s chakra systems. Those who have experienced her reiki healing sessions often report feeling renewed, balanced, and whole. Through the use of intention and sacred hand positions, Cristine can channel reiki healing across space and time, allowing for healing to be sent to a past self, memory, or lifetime so that soulful repair can be integrated today. Cristine uses the angelic vibrations of live flowers and flower essences to compliment the use of the reiki light.

Reiki Sound Alchemy 30 min $45 / 60 min $95 - With Linda Ong

During your Reiki session, Linda Ong, a certified Reiki Master, will use Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and high vibrational crystals, to deeply relax and assist you on your healing journey, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a more peaceful state of mind.

Shamanic Reiki Healing 60 min $111 - with Antoinette Patel

Shamanic healing works on all levels of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical states. This ancient healing method helps to remove unwanted energy blockages and can create a great shift by addressing the problem at its root. Antoinette acts as the bridge between the spiritual and physical realm where she connects to the Diving light of Spirit and uses this guiding force to work on where you need it most. An important concept of shamanic healing is that you take responsibility for the shift you desire in your life. Your participation and intention plays an imperative role in the efficacy of shamanic healing. Even when things seem to “happen to you”, there is some component of you being in the middle of creating every experience of your life. By being an active participant in your healing, you will dissolve those feelings of powerless and discover a way to take your life back.

Soul Washing 60 min $65 - with La Sandra Akesson

This session is a full spectrum energy healing which uses the modalities of Sound, Aroma/Clearing, Crystals, and Usui Reiki. It helps to cleanse and purify the auric field and put the client into alignment. When all these techniques are combined (full spectrum), It is known as soul washing.



Akashic Vibrational Healing 80 min $190 - with Janelle C Hethcoat

In this session Janelle channels healing vibrations directly from the clients Akashic Records through vocals, light language and hand symbols. After a brief visualized meditation Janelle will open the clients records and begin to use vocal frequency to move through the clients core channel receiving messages from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones about matters which are pertinent for healing and dissolving emotional and mental blocks, karmic patterns, souls purpose and programmed limiting beliefs. The akashic records may share information about past, present and future lifetimes. This session is a full 60 min sound bath with crystal alchemy bowls and vocal toning, as well as a 30 minute akashic records reading.

Holographic Sound Healing 60 min $140 / 3 pack $333 - With Janelle C Hethcoat, Cristine Navarro or Trisha Perez

In this private session you will be immersed in pure tone crystal bowl vibration and channeled sound. Using the principle of resonance the practitioner uses frequency to raise the vibration of the core channel, create change at a cellular level, and create a bridge from the subconscious to conscious awareness enabling healing from deeply held trauma.

Divine Womb Sound Healing 80 min $175 / 3 pack $444 - With Janelle C Hethcoat

Our reproductive systems are so prone to emotional and physical trauma. This can cause major unforeseen obstacles in the goal of child bearing. Fertility healing employs the use of a transmitting crystal, programmed intention, and sound frequencies as activators to aid in the rejuvenation of cells, and the removal of blockages in regards to conception. This session comes with a yoni egg and is recommended to do in a three pack.

Sacred Partner Sound Healing 80 min $220 - with Janelle C Hethcoat

In this session Janelle uses the healing frequencies of crystal alchemy bowls, channeled vocals and communication techniques to reignite the sacred bond between yourself and your partner. Creating balance in the energy centers of both partners and intuitively seeing any blockages or impediments in the workings of both energetic fields Janelle helps to activate closeness and compassion as you journey together within. This session can be for romantic partners, children and parents, or even friends.


Akashic Records Reading 30 min $45 / 60 min $100 - with Janelle C Hethcoat

In this session Janelle channels messages from the clients Akashic Records through vocals, light language and hand symbols. After a brief visualized meditation Janelle will open the clients records and begin to use vocal frequency to receive messages from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones about matters which are pertinent for healing and dissolving emotional and mental blocks, karmic patterns, souls purpose and programmed limiting beliefs. The akashic records may share information about past, present and future lifetimes.

Mediumship Reading 60 min $180 - with Antoinette C Patel

A mediumship reading is an opportunity to connect to someone who has already passed. Antoinette performs this by raising her vibration, as those in the spirit world will lower their vibration to a frequency level that make the connection possible. It is her spirit and body connecting with a spirit that no longer has a physical body. As an evidential medium she will ask those in the spirit world to communicate evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life after the physical world. Besides describing what the person may have looked like here on the earthly plane, Antoinette will also sense their individual personality, and ask them for as many details as possible to provide evidence of being the person you are trying to connect to. The purpose of a mediumship reading can be many things; to provide closure, to receive a message from a loved one, to pass on a message, or to receive guidance. No matter what your reasons are for seeking a mediumship reading, it is Antoinette's hope and intention that the reading your receive provides you with a sense of healing and peace.

Crystal Reading 30 min $40 / 60 min $85 - with Cristine Navarro

Crystals reflects our emotions and feelings back to us. These beautiful and ancient stones belong to Mother earth.
The main purpose of crystal’s reading is to evaluate personal life cycle.
Understanding one’s compatability with the world is one of the main aspects of a crystal reading.
Each gemstone has its own energy radiation and unique vibration. Crystal reading help you identify yourself better and what needs balancing and healing. It clarifies issues you are experiencing and help helps you decide which stone you need to wear at this stage to assist you solve a specific problem and improve your situation. It also helps you heal your body and mind and bring back balance to your life.

Quantum Soul Path Healing 60 min $250 - with Phyllis Douglass

The Quantum Field, also known as the Akasha or Akashic Records, holds the imprint and information of all things throughout all time. This celestial library is contained in the energy vibrations of the universe, and is within and around us. It records and holds the energetic imprint of all thoughts, actions, emotions, and experiences of humankind that has occurred since the beginning of time. Accessing your personal Akashic Records offers your Soul’s perspective on the challenges that you are facing in life, and assists one in clearing attachment to negative influences and beliefs, and recognizing the truth of who you are and your life purpose!

In a Quantum Soul Path session, an Akashic Portal is opened with your permission utilizing a powerful prayer invocation given expressly for this purpose by the Angels, which illuminates all aspects of your life both physical and nonphysical — past, present, future, material, immaterial. As a direct conduit for Source, Phyllis provides healing in any context throughout all time, space, place, and dimension, relative to your present life journey. Session includes illumination of key reference points, energetic healing and prescriptive transmissions sung and spoken in her Angelical (Adamic) Language, containing encoded light, frequency, and information for healing and transformation on a cellular, energetic, and soul level.

Clairvoyant Tarot 30 min $45 / 60 min $95 - with Jashmine Corpuz

Your higher self is trying to speak to you and all you have to do is listen. Using her intuitive gifts and the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck Jashmine can aid in both communication and transformation. Through channeled messages from your guides to hers Jashmine can help to guide you in navigating your true purpose and highest good.

Intuitive Tarot 30 min $45 / 60 min $95 - with Cristine Navarro

In an intuitive Tarot session, Cristine uses the cards to look into the current energies surrounding within or around the client. The Tarot acts as a mirror to help the client connect with their inner landscape to uncover the answers or guidance needed to help the client make soul-informed decisions. Her goal with every reading is to offer gentle but honest guidance for the highest and best good of all involved.

Dream Interpretation 30 min $40 / 60 min $80 - with Jashmine Corpuz

Do you dream often and want to understand more of their underlying truth? Our dreams are our connection to our needs, desires, and our reality. Its how our soul speaks to us and where we receive guidance on the astral plane. Sort out your subconscious messages in this session.

Twin Flame Reading 30 min $50 / 60 min $120 - with Jashmine Corpuz

A Twin Flame is one soul that decided to be split into two upon reincarnation. Most of them lead to romantic relationships or intense friendships. Have you ever met anyone that you felt this soul connection with? The Twin Flame journey can be a rollercoaster of emotions. When we face a mirror image of ourselves, it can be quite challenging. Allow me to assist in overcoming these obstacles through the empowerment of self -love awareness.

LeNormand Oracle Readings 30 min $45 / 60 min $85 - with Mackenna Marks

The Lenormand deck is different from Tarot, since it consists of 36 unique card meanings. Each has an upright meaning only and uses every day symbols/photos which help portray a language or story to the reader, which will allow them to channel the energy of the question and likely future predictions regarding the question you are asking about. Every reader who channels via Lenormand is different depending on their own style, life experience, etc. Mackenna's style of channeling allows her to see the causes/ deep rooted issues of the person in question, especially regarding blocked chakras, inner child wounds, and physical health issues/ manifestations in the body as result of the life events that have occurred.



Core Energetics 60 min $125 - with Jennifer Huang

Free and empower your mind, body, and spirit through the wisdom of your feelings. We’ll actively work with energy, consciousness, movement, impulses, and expression to uncover and release energetic blocks that block the flow of your aliveness, gifts, love and the exquisite core of who you really are.

Chrysalis Coaching Package for Mothers (9 Sessions) $2222 - with Noilyn Mendoza

9-session individual coaching for new mamas. This includes a 75-minute initial consult plus 8 hours of coaching, which are structured as bi-weekly 60-minute sessions (45-minutes of coaching and 15-minute Reiki healing) over the course of 4 months. Email and text support is available in between sessions. This coaching program supports mamas as they navigate their new identity as a parent, tap into their innate wisdom, connect to ways they can nourish themselves at the same time caring for others and embrace motherhood on their terms.

Hanan Coaching Package for Transformational Leadership (7 Sessions) $1777 - with Noilyn Mendoza

7-session individual coaching for women of color nonprofit leaders. This includes a 75-minute initial consult plus 6 hours of coaching (bi-weekly 60-minute sessions over 3 months or monthly sessions for 6 months). Email and text support is available in between sessions. This coaching program supports women of color nonprofit leaders to identify core values and personal vision, lead with integrity and recognize areas of misalignment, and gain clarity on how they want to fully step into their role as transformational leaders in their work, relationships, and communities.

End of LIfe Care Service 60 min $55 - with Linda Ong

Serving as an advocate, guide, and professional for patient's and their loved ones, Linda Ong has 8 years experience as a Registered Nurse in Hospice and Palliative care. She will help guide you through the healthcare system and facilitate communication with healthcare providers and family. Working for the patient, Linda is available to assist in pre-planning (i.e. Advanced directives, mortuary and funeral arrangements, etc) to after death care. She will provide resources, education on the death and dying process, provide respite to family/caregivers, Legacy Work, vigils, as well as alternative relaxation modalities such as guided meditations, Reiki, and Soundbaths.

End of LIfe Doula Consult Complimentary - with Linda Ong

Complimentary consult discussing End of Life Care that includes everything from pre-planning to after death care. Even if you have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness, planning ahead of time will take out much of the stress and worry of the death and dying process and assure your wishes are known and honored. Consultation is with Linda Ong, a Registered Nurse who has worked in Hospice and Palliative Care for the last 8 years as well as trained as a End of Life Doula with INELDA (International End of Life Doula Association). Together we will explore the benefits of having an End of Life Care Doula present during the death and dying process.