Kelsea M.

Janelle is a profound Healer like no other. She is a gifted sound healer with the voice of an angel. Her knowledge into the power of crystals and their healing properties and gifts greatly support her healing work. She is extremely sensitive and intuitive in knowing what her clients need to create balance, connection and relief in their physical, emotional and energetic body. I often hear choirs of angels when I am experiencing her work and journey into past images that need attention and healing. I feel a deep peace from within and often release trapped emotions. 

Rose D.

My personal experience with Janelle Corpuz, a truly gifted Angel on Earth!

I had never heard of a Sound Bath until I registered to attend a “Letting Go” ceremony at Liberation Yoga Studio in LA this past spring. I want to share I had no expectations walking in. I was simply enjoying the beautiful studio and it’s offerings. I always leave Liberation with a sense of quiet peace inside me that settles my mind, my heart, and touches my soul. 

Forming a circle, it was shared that this experience would combine a ceremonial lighting of a candle, sound, and a calling higher powers to aid the release of negative energy we hold on to, inviting us to open space within ourselves for new light, and positive transformation. 

My personal experience was enormous. Following instructions, I penned my struggles onto paper, and placed the paper under the candle, as each of us, following the circles path surrounding our channel healer, Janelle, lit one another's candles. Lying flat, we closed our eyes in a resting place of Savasana, and the music of sound and Janelle’s radiant voice calling out began. 

It is difficult to place into words, what followed. I can share the physical experience of being at complete rest, was as soothing as feeling I was a baby floating on a feather’s cloud. Though after some period of time, like a strike of lightening, I was incredibly sick to my stomach, and recall thinking, “If I do not sit upright, I will vomit in my mouth.” And so, I lifted myself into a lotus sitting position. After several minutes, the nausea passed. My mind felt turbulent for a period, then at some point, I had this overwhelming feeling of pure elation, clarity, peace. I left the studio that evening with a sense of something difficult to find words for, like a “knowing.” Something internally had shifted. 

As instructed, the flame of the candle remained lit throughout its course. Once home, with a prayer of release, I burned the paper with the candles flame, then buried the ashes in the earth with a heart shaped stone I have from some years ago, to mark its location. That was a Sunday evening. Tuesday morning, I literally opened my eyes, and watched the flame extinguish itself on my bedside table. 

To my surprise, I was incredibly ill for the three days following the ceremony. I realized I was physically purging negativity from the body. Also, my emotions were everywhere. I cried for an entire day. As upheaving an experience it was, I had this sense of KNOWING this was all a part of some transformation I didn’t understand, yet in some wordless way, did comprehend. I was so moved, I reached out to Janelle, and scheduled several private sessions following. Each ceremony seemed to graduate to some higher level of cleansing. Like darkness finding light… I experienced an incredible shift, transformation, and sense of enlightenment. It would takes pages to even attempt to share more in depth.

I can say this, each ceremony, I experienced a physical and emotional purging, as well as a sense of mental clarity, a spiritual awakening, and an incredible feeling of elation. This unspeakable silent understanding, that we are pure love, we are together, we are divine spirit, we are placed in these human vessels, yet we are, and always will remain, pure light, a piece of something far beyond this space we call our Body, Earth, Time. Through Janelle’s channeling, I was reminded.

I sincerely believe Janelle Corpuz has an incredible gift to reach beyond this time and space. To heal and open a door to change which is truly transformative. That first Sound Bath, and the private sessions that followed with Janelle, at the Go Inward Studio in Long Beach, are now are part of me. 

My heart is filled with gratitude for Janelle’s healing, guidance, and support. She is truly touched beyond human measure, and I remain eternally grateful for the blessings of her guiding light. 


Rachel C.

Refreshingly laid back and smart, Janelle is equal parts intuitive and spiritual guide that supports  you to connect with your  angels, ancestors  and spirit guides. Incorporating sound healing,  and channeling she has a beautiful way of accessing and interpreting your aura i.e the way you hold and view yourself . Janelle aligns your chakras and compassionately and peacefully leads you through an incredible and life changing experience that makes you want to book another one before you leave . 

After one of my sisters generously gave me a gift card to Jupiter Soundscape, I made an immediate appointment with Janelle. I had a stillbirth in March of 2017 and have re-embarked on a journey with my husband to try to conceive again.

Janelle's sound healing services are a legitimate light source of love and kindness. It is a one-on-one experience that impacts you indelibly. Janelle first gently listens to your story, your reasons for going to see her, and in turn, she honestly shares her story, her reasons for becoming a practitioner. Then, the sound bath/healing begins, and an exchange of energies are life-changing. Her beautiful voice enhances the entire experience.

For anyone seeking a more holistic approach, she offers her wonderful insight and talent to helping you get in tune. Having an open body-mind, heart, and soul will help transcend you into a sacred space.

You will leave with a sense of peace and and clarity. I certainly left with a renewed and gentle sense of hope.

Patricia P.

Had a great experience! I have been to multiple sound baths before but Jupiter Soundscape is definitely my favorite. This is not just a regular sound bath. Janelle provides crystals to go with the moon's energy along with a crystal grid that she throughly explains! It was very informative and something I am highly interested in. The crystals she selected were perfect and were not your basic "starter park" crystals.
Janelle is very warm and welcoming and is available to chat with after the session. Would definitely come back again!

Maricel M

Janelle delivers a truly harmonic soul opening sound bath.  I have done other sound baths and this by far is the best I have ever experienced.  Her energy and voice bring all to a high vibration.  If all the world could have this we would be a higher society. Thank you J for your healing vibrations.

Reina M.

Janelle is an amazing healer with the voice on an angel.  Such a beautiful journey of guided meditation, breathing, and spiritual awareness.  Thank you for the unbelievable experience, defiantly can not wait for another session

Megan O.

I had my first fertility session with Janelle today.  She understands the struggles I've had with conceiving a baby.  It was liberating to share my story with her ..... she created a safe intimate space for me to be completely open and vulnerable.  I was able to disarm myself, get out of my head and sink into a deep trance like meditation while she performed her sound bath.   We started the session by charging and programming a yoni egg  made out of rose quartz!  She played her crystals and guided the meditation with several breathing exercises, set intentions and summoned some out of body energy into the room.  She accompanied the crystal bowl sounds with her own melodic singing that vibrated off the walls.  The sound of her voice was so beautiful, at one point I broke down in tears just listening to it.  The experience was on another level.  During my sound healing session, I saw visions of flashing color, changing from red to yellow, shades of pink and then to purple.  I saw visions of forests and trees.  I literally was transformed to another dimension.  I'm grateful for my experience.  I've been to several sound baths over the years, BUT I have NEVER experienced anything like this.  This was better than any integratron, Joshua tree experience.  Thank you

Alex D.