We are a vibrational healing space which focuses on bringing elemental balance throughout the physical and energetic bodies. There are 5 types of classes that we teach in order to provide elemental balance to our students. Here are the descriptions and breakdowns of our class types.

AIR: Air is the element which rules both our thoughts, our communication, and our physical breathe. This class is dedicated to clearing your mind, connecting with your voice and enhancing communication. It focuses on your heart, throat and third eye energy centers. This class will help you to gain mental calmness and clarity.  Body work done: clearing with breathe

EARTH: Earth is the element which rules our physical bodies, our material wealth, our security and our ability to ground and manifest our ideas onto the physical plane. This class is dedicated to centering, stabilizing, building strength, physical body awareness and removing energetic blocks. Body work done: tapping

FIRE: Fire is the element which rules our etheric body, or the layer in our auric field which protects our energy. This element corresponds to our sense of being, our will, confidence and our ability to take action. In this class we focus on the solar field and igniting your inner light. Its protective and has an amount of cord clearing. This class will help you feel ready to act upon your pure desires and draw healthy boundaries. Body work done: cord cutting

 WATER: Water is the element which rules our emotional body or our feelings. This class is dedicated to detox, emotional clearing, raising our compassion for ourselves and others, relaxation and calm through gentle fluid movements. It focuses on our emotional centers, the heart and sacral chakra. This class will help you feel emotionally supported from within. Body work done: lymphatic massage

SPIRIT: Spirit is the infinite energy which connects us all. This class is dedicated to deep meditation which allows you to connect with your higher self, and divine light frequencies. Sound is the medicine which helps to clear emotional, mental, and physical disharmony. This class is a done is a rest posture and focuses on the crown chakra as well as the auric field. It will help you feel highly connected to a higher power as well as others around you.  Body work done: spiritual surrender