Jupiter Soundscape LLC (JUPITER SOUNDSCAPE) exists as a minority-owned, women-run company aiming to create a destination where people can come to realize their inherent wholeness through the four pillars of our brand culture: Movement, Meditation, Music and Medicine, a combination of ancient and modern healing modalities unique to our space and to Los Angeles County. Through the use of Atlantean Light Expansion ™, a specific method which incorporates the elements of energy clearing, grounding, sacred movement, vibrational crystal healing and sound medicine, we forward our goal to awakening our local and global community to their higher selves, infinite love and light.


MOVEMENT: Because our physical body is the temporal home for our infinite selves we honor It through the art and expression of sacred movement. As we move our energy moves. As our energy moves so do our organs and systems begin to function with utmost potential. Movement can stoke our inner fire, or it can calm our internal storm. We move because action is the first spark in manifesting our true power. There are 5 sets of unique movements corresponding to the esoteric elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit in the Atlantean Light Expansion technique.

MEDITATION: Because our minds are our greatest allies and our worst enemies at once we meditate to bridge the gap presented between our subconscious and our self conscious to achieve super consciousness. In the state of super conscious we reach our highest spiritual potential. We unlock the hidden mechanism at work behind intuition, self healing and successful efficient problem solving. There are 6 parts to begin and complete meditation in the Atlantean Light Expansion technique. 

MUSIC: Because our hearts are the bridge between ourselves and the divine, and because our hearts are imprinted with our own personal vibration, we use music to multi dimensionally unlock and deliver activations to our dormant DNA, enabling us to awaken, advance and ascend into more whole versions of ourselves, ready to feel and understand our world with compassion and understanding. Preparing us to be confident in our own hearts unique messaging, communing within the heart space of humanity. There are 6 components to administer music medicine in the Atlantean Light Expansion technique.

MEDICINE: Because the very act of incarnating has pulled us farther from our true nature, and because we are raised in a societal culture that means to keep us broken, we seek and apply our own forms of medicine channeled through the Divine, nature, our celestial guides, and our honorable ancestors. Our medicine is the presence and power embodied in people, places, events, objects and nature. We reconnect with our own medicine to live a life of integrity and kindness. There medicine circle is the last component in the Atlantean Light Expansion technique.


Janelle Master Holographic Sound Healer, Akashic Records Reader. Sekhem Khrem Energy Healer and Co Creator of ALET

Antoinette Medium, Shamanic Reiki Healer, and Co Creator of ALET

Trisha Sound Healer, Reiki Healer, Empath